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Judy Garland (Vera Versanyi) arrives at an insane asylum (the real deal, but with a twist), where the mad doctor (Anoushka) is experimenting with brainwashing young girls. Later, she escapes and discovers that the doctor has made Barbarella (Monica Sweet) his next victim, and Barbarella is holding Judy hostage. Could Barbarella be able to save the day? PINK VEIN 2: THE LOSS OF INNOCENCE: The Loss of Innocence (Pink Velvet 2: The Loss of Innocence) is an 1990 film written by Viv Thomas, directed by Viv Thomas and released by HIFI-Films (1991). The Loss of Innocence is one of the most important and influential lesbian cult movies of the 1990s, and became the second Pink Velvet movie. The Loss of Innocence is an independent movie, a sequel to Viv Thomas’s Pink Velvet, with a similar director, writer and stars. Pink Velvet 2 was released in the UK on DVD in April 2013, which is an uncut version, with the lesbian-lovemaking scenes intact. The first Pink Velvet (1991) is now available on DVD in the UK. Both the UK and US titles are the same, with the exception of the English-language title being changed to “PINK VEIN” in the UK version, where it was titled “VEIN” on the US release. The movie ran in selected theatres in the United States in December 1993. The Loss of Innocence (1991) Pink Velvet 2: The Loss of Innocence The movie is one of the rare movies from the 1990s that was released in 1990. The movie follows on directly from the events of Pink Velvet (1991), and is set in the same universe, in an alternate reality. It has the same title, characters and star-cast, with different dialogue and the same set-up and conclusion of the original Pink Velvet. However, Pink Velvet 2: The Loss of Innocence was not originally intended to be released with the original Pink Velvet. Pink Velvet 2: The Loss of Innocence was written and directed by Viv Thomas, with the uncensored version of the movie released on DVD in the UK in April 2013. The censored version of the movie had a lesbian-lovemaking scene removed from



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